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The University of Reading organises open days throughout the year for prospective students to visit, meet academics, understand the courses they are interested in and experience campus life at the university. In recent years, whilst working for the University of Reading's Marketing, Communication and Engagement department I have headed up the project management of design work for the open days transitioning the look and feel of materials from the old visual identity to the new identity. The open days must present the university as a coherent whole, whilst still allowing the academic subjects to dominate in their importance.


Design project management

The materials needed to follow the visual identity guidelines, and also tie in to recent recruitment campaigns that had been advertised nationally. Work was carried out at the outset to create a hierarchy of design work – materials that were to follow the visual identity, and those that were to follow the recruitment campaign. This allowed a clear brief to be created, and for a consistent look and feel to be applied across campus. Scheduling was key to keeping the sub-projects on time, a gantt chart was created to ensure decision-making was understood by all colleagues, and when sub-projects were due for completion and install.

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A sub-project of the open day work was undertaken to ensure visitors could make the most of their days by enabling their abilities to find information they required, and visit specific areas of the campus they wanted to see. To support the events teams' work in this project, design solutions were found to aid wayfinding throughout campus. These included bespoke 'toblerone structures' containing maps and eye-catching graphics, flag banners sign-posting subjects and hand-held signs what volunteers used to lead tour groups throughout campus.

Open day schedule

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