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March 28, 2013


When I was approached to create a logo for the new venture Scent of Jasmine, I decided to keep it simple, creating a lock-up of a simple typographic layout and a graphic representation of jasmine flowers.

After researching, sketching and then developing a few rounds of ideas, I had a basic idea of the structure of the logo, and the client was happy with the results too (which always helps). Here are the final results:


As with any logo, once the main idea has been signed off by the client, I take time to refine it and look at ways to make a unique shape. In the case of Scent of Jasmine one of the decisions I made was to remove the dots above the ‘j’ and the ‘i’. Ok, yes my background is in typography, but we’re allowed to break the rules sometimes! And experimenting with type always appeals to me. However, I wanted to make a connection between the text and the jasmine flowers, so I arranged the flowers above the text, thinking about where ‘circular forms’ in the jasmine flowers were, and lining them up above the ‘j’ and the ‘i’. The grey lines on the image below track upwards from the ‘j’ and the ‘i’ to where the dots in the jasmine flowers are.SOJ-Logo-RGB-dotted-iOnce a logo has been finalised, I always put a set of guidelines together for future users:


Enjoy taking a look around Scent of Jasmine and let me know what you think of the logo!

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