Sources of inspiration for 2012…
January 4, 2012

2012 insipration

Like most people I have a list of regular sites that I visit often, so I thought I would share some for my first post of 2012. I’m sure I’ll find a few more this year, maybe you can recommend some too.

On my quest to know more about visual identities, I find one of David Airey’s blogs – Identity Designed – a constant source of inspiration and information. Airey has a couple of other blogs too, which I find worth having on my ‘regular links list’, one in particular is Logo design love.

‘It’s nice that‘ is a site where creativity is showcased and updated regularly. Updated on a less regular basis, but no less interesting is a site typographic enthusiasts may find worthwhile visiting: I love typography.

When I need a bit of inspiration in the realm of the ‘handmade’ I sometimes head to oh my handmade to see what the latest trends may be, or just to look at some nice products. Another site that I keep returning to is Not on the high street.

And when I just need to play around with some colour to get an inspiration for a design, something I am making or painting I head to Color scheme designer and click around until I get the light bulb moment.

Happy new year everyone.

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