CASE STUDY: Health Stories exhibition


Health stories brochure


Health stories exhibition


To launch the University of Reading's research theme on 'health' an exhibition was organised by Dr Lucy Wallace to showcase health-related research and teaching at the University of Reading. Photographs were taken of projects that are (amongst others) enhancing wellbeing, improving diagnosis and informing and improving clinical practice and health governance. The design work was carried out whilst I was at the University of Reading's Marketing, Communications and Engagement department.


Typographic design work carried out to produce clean, clear and legible exhibition boards. The structure and size of boards and images were organised to ensure consistency across all the projects. The experience of the 'story of health' was considered in the design of the boards – the eye-line of text being consistent across all text panels, and where needed the crop of the images altered to draw the eye in to the photograph.

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Health graphics

Health Exhibition graphics

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