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December 23, 2011

Design packages for 2012

Fresh for 2012 I will be offering design packages created specifically for start-up businesses. They are designed to accommodate a small budget, but deliver a good visual grounding for your business to start out in the world.

A visual identity is often underestimated by those starting out, and just a simple logo can be seen as a luxury due to cost. However, through my experience working with visual identities from large corporate companies to academic and from, small businesses to charities I know how important a visual identity is the success of any business.

So! I will be launching a set of design packages that can give your business a good start, provide some tools for you to use whilst your business is taking off, and they will be affordable too.

If you are already interested in knowing more, contact me and we can chat about what is best for you without any obligation.

If you would like some food for thought in the meantime, check out some of these articles about how important a visual identity is for your business:

What is a brand? We are micro post good advice to those starting out. Their post on brand is worth a read. And in doing some research for this post, I came across an article from Margaret Feinburg who acknowledges how important ‘design’ is when starting out, whatever your business may be.

And finally, some advice from Megan Auman about taking photographs of your products and how consistency is important. Photography style is often overlooked, but will be a lasting impression of your business on those who see them.

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