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March 22, 2013

Blog-added-valueThe Crafts Council exhibition ‘Added Value?’ can only be inspiring to those of us who make, create and craft. The themes of the venture are: bespoke – ‘does bespoke offer greater value than off-the-peg?’; skill – ‘what is the relationship between skill and value?’; experience – ‘what is the relationship between craft, value and experience?’; materials – ‘what makes a material valuable?’; brands – ‘why are brands adopting craft and craft values?’; and the everyday – ‘can craft add value to our experience of the everyday?’. I certainly believe that craft can add to each of our daily experiences – be that in a crafted object we have in our home, or for the pure act of ‘creating’ enhancing your daily life.

The Added Value site is worth a look to inspire anyone who ‘makes’ already, or wants to take up a craft. Try out their equation maker – craft + luxury = ?, it’ll make you think! My equation = ‘craftsmanship x respect = quality’.

Some latest crafts that I have come across get my vote of respect: Suzy Taylor’s Folk Art Papercuts are amazing, and have inspired me to renew a craft I picked up when at School! And The Green Vase company in New York have inspired me to pick up more pieces of paper and create some paper flowers. The crafts section showcases some of their creations, and are stunning.

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